Strategies for Conservatively Underwriting an Apartment Syndication

The Real Estate Syndication Show

Whitney Sewell of the Real Estate Syndication Show interviews Rob about the underwriting process - discussion includes viewing underwriting as a submarket of a market.

Purchase to Profits with Seth Ferguson

"Raising $4.5 Million for a 261-unit Real Estate Deal with Rob Beardsley"

Rob speaks with Seth Ferguson of Purchase to Profits about equity syndication and how strong underwriting is crucial to weathering all stages of the real estate cycle.

Dwellyn - Financial Freedom Through Real Estate

Multifamily Investor Nation - 2019 Summit

Rob Beardsley speaks with Dan Handford of Multifamily Investor Nation about his upcoming appearance at MFIN Summit, June 27–29, 2019.


Road to Family Freedom with Neil and Brittany Henderson

RB on Conservative Underwriting Fundamentals on Making Money in Multifamily Podcast