Lone Star Capital is a real estate investment firm focused on underperforming multifamily properties in Texas. We structure value-add opportunities that deliver superior risk-adjusted returns by implementing moderate to extensive renovations, improving management, and designing creative capital solutions. Lone Star operates over 1,000 units worth approximately $70MM.

About Us

Kent Piotrkowski


Kent graduated from NYU School of Law in 2006 and received his L.L.M. in taxation from NYU in 2007. He started his career at PWC where he primarily focused on due diligence and structuring matters for private equity clients. In 2008, he joined MetLife where he handled a variety of corporate and international tax issues, and reviewed real estate and alternative investment transactions from a tax perspective, including leading the tax unit in MetLife’s acquisition of a $180,000,000 hotel in Washington, DC. Kent has partnered to purchase over $55,000,000 in multifamily properties in Texas. Kent is also a licensed real estate broker in New York and started an active multifamily mastermind group. Kent leads Lone Star’s operations and the acquisition function.

Rob Beardsley


With a background in business and computer science from Carnegie Mellon University, Rob leads the underwriting and structuring function for Lone Star Capital Group. Prior to co-founding Lone Star, Rob had extensive real estate experience through his family's numerous real estate businesses including development, construction, sales, and investment. Additionally, Rob enjoyed a data analytics stint with a global retail company in NYC with annual sales over $50,000,000 where he implemented database and reporting solutions. Rob also actively publishes articles and whitepapers about real estate capital markets, multifamily strategy and deal structuring.

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